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Friday, July 3, 2009

When a dark bar and a cool drink alone won't do

Many bar hoppers are satisfied with the basics: a cool, dark room with perhaps a few comfy booths, a TV on mute and some Happy Hour specials. But some people want more. Like giant antlers, neon skunks and drinks with names like Count Choc-ula. Oh, don't forget the merchandise, like t-shirts and caps. If this is more your style, then you should thank the kings of the Eastside Theme Scene: Dimitri Komarov, Bobby Green and Dmitry Liberman, who are celebrating a decade together in the bar business.

It was 10 years ago last month that they opened The Big Foot Lodge in Atwater Village, the beginning of a bar empire that has expanded beyond the Eastside. Since then, the trio have applied their love for nightlife as well as marketing and business savvy to open Little Cave in Highland Park and, most recently, the truck-stop inspired Stinkers in Silver Lake. Now, after opening a Big Foot Lodge in San Francisco, the group is preparing to open a Big Foot West in Culver City.

Green gets the credit or blame for the over-the-top and popular bar motifs, according to a company press release heralding the group's 10th anniversary:

"A childhood fondness for themed establishments had a far-reaching effect on his life pursuits. He is a hot rod enthusiast and has a deep understanding of American culture. With a bit of art education picked up at various city colleges and a lot of passion and drive, Green has created some of Los Angeles' hippest themed nightclubs."

Photo by Remabulous via Flickr

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