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Friday, November 6, 2009

Peanut butter on paper? Anything goes at the Monster Drawing Rally

There is really only one rule that matters for the more than 100 artists who will participate in Sunday's Monster Drawing Rally in Eagle Rock to benefit Outpost for Contemporary Art. They must finish a drawing in an hour or less. What materials they use- including last year's peanut butter creation by Evan Holloway - is up to them.

The group supplies the artists with more conventional art supplies, said Julie Deamer of the Highland Park-based arts group. "Artists do often bring their own stuff to supplement our offerings, however, and to really great results."

In addition to peanut butter, one of last year's artists, Enrique Castrejon, used a ruler, protractor and calculator to shape his drawing. Castrejon's math-based art is featured in the posters for this year's event.

About 25 artists will be drawing in one-hour shifts. Once the hour is up, the artists put down their tools and supplies and their drawings can be purchased for $75. Peanut butter sold separately.

Top photo courtesy of Outpost; Bottom drawing by Enrique Castrejon.

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