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Monday, June 29, 2009

A Silver Lake beekeeper serves up some home grown honey in Atwater

With two bee hives at home, Amy Seidenwurm rarely bothers to head to the store to pick up some sugar. She use honey to make everything from pancakes and glazes to salad dressings and cookies. On Tuesday night, diners with a sweet tooth and an interest in home-grown products will be able to sample some of Seidenwurm's cooking at Canale, where she will be participating in the Atwater Village restaurant's "Friends Cook at Canale" program. The $30 meal (which could change) includes honey-roasted walnuts in the salad and in the champagne vinaigrette; honey-glazed pork tenderloin; a goat cheese and nectarine tart drizzled with honey and accompanied by honey ice cream.

The honey will come from the hives of the Backward BeeKeepers, who are dedicated to educating Angelenos on beekeeping.

"Beekeeping is a hobby, though one I am extremely passionate about," said Seidenwurm, who raised the bees with her husband, Russell Bates (pictured). "Honey has a great flavor and a lot more depth than white sugar," Seidenwurm writes. "Plus it is extremely satisfying knowing it came from your backyard."

Photo by Amy Seidenwurm

1 comment:

  1. I've recently read about illegal bee keeping operations in Brooklyn by people who are interested in the hobby and the importance of native pollinators. They want to overturn the law. So is beekeeping legal in Los Angeles? More power to the couple either way. We need bees!