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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Artists respond to the recession by printing money

The Arroyo Arts Collective's 17th annual studio tour on Sunday has an economic theme - the "Recovery Discovery Tour" - and even its own currency. Those who take the self-guided tour of artist studios and homes in Eagle Rock, Highland Park and Mt. Washington will receive a $10 Arroyo Bucks coupon that is good toward a single purchase of at least $100 from any one artist on the tour. Tour-goers who arrive by Metro will receive a pair of $10 Arroyo Bucks.

The $10 Arroyo Buck - designed by artist C.J. Metzger, who will be on the tour - features the image of Hendrick Stooker, one of the founders of the Arroyo Arts Collective, a former arts historian at Occidental College and a longtime supporter of the arts in Northeast Los Angeles (Stooker will also be on the tour). It's not clear what a wad of Stookers will be worth after the tour but organizers hope the coupons will perk up sales on Sunday:

"Need a plein-air painting to stand in for that view you used to have? Could that barrel you're wearing use a jaunty hand-painted scarf? Seriously, folks, artists have always known how to have a good time and bring out the best of an economic downturn."

Artwork by C.J. Metzger/Arroyo Arts Collective

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